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Things that Need to be There

I’ve been off for quite a bit and I know it; battling my own internal demons.  Severe depression is, well, severe and hard on a person, and if you add a sizable amount of stress like I’ve been having, it … Continue reading

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The Name of the Thing

Hello, after a wait; I’ve been sparsely doing work on “Nikria’s Menace” or anything regarding game design, to be honest.  What I have been doing, in addition to some bits of worldbuilding here and there and putting in the storyboard … Continue reading

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Dehumanization in Games: Stop the Mindless Killing!

“Kill Ten Rats” is usually one of the first quests you get in games – in MMO’s, as far as I’ve ever noticed, it’s normally THE first.  However, that kind of a thing is present in regular old RPGs as … Continue reading

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Other Thoughts on My Games: Especially Interactive Fiction, Interactive Storytelling, and Integration

Interactive fiction is a phrase my husband keeps using to stand for the type of games I’ve been producing so far.  Interactive storytelling on the other hand is where I want to end up.  Now, the former of these irritated me no … Continue reading

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When Story and Game Collide

…It’s a messy thing.  I’ve been hearing from my husband a lot “focus on the story first, that’s your strength,” when I talk to him about game design.  It’s a true enough statement; I’m not exactly Nolan Bushnell or Kim … Continue reading

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Phase 2 Activated

I’m currently in the middle of Phase 2 of “Nimka’s Menace” design.  Amidst RL stuff like rehabbing broken wrist, cleaning, showers, cooking, eating, exercizing and downtime, I’m slowly but surely working at the worldbuilding and the actual storyline, getting it … Continue reading

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On Characterization… my Downfall

Yes, you get two posts this week, because I didn’t do any last week.  This one’s more writing-entailed: I LOVE worldbuilding.  Ohhh yeah.  But oddly, characterization is where I have a downfall. I mean, a serious one.  Back when my … Continue reading

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