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Looping, Looping…

Still there.  I got the end down, which was BIG.  But now, I’ve been cleaning up the rest.  I’ve learned a lot from this game, the most important being that I need to focus on keeping it simple.  I don’t … Continue reading

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So how does a person from Kritter say “Abracadabra”?

I’ve been working on and off on spells for Kritter.  Just naming them for the moment; I started with the humans’ spells dependant on what class said human had chosen.  I have stuff like the usual healing ones, but then … Continue reading

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Diving Into Depth

It’s official as of today:  “Nikria’s Menace” will be a real GAME and not just a story that Player hits enter, enter, enter… to get through.  A tough thing to wrangle with, I’m learning, but I really want to manage … Continue reading

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