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Mixing the Old With the New

So, here I am again, back from the depths of illness and life.  Both imploded on me at once, sadly.  But, I have returned! Recently started working on writing once more.  As you may or may not know, it’s always … Continue reading

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Two Down… Methinks anyway

Ok I’m going with KLL Games as a name;).  It makes sense to us anyway. I got end credits coded in, and I think, after almost a week, that I almost have the end now set so Player can choose … Continue reading

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The – Beginning of the – End?

So, I’m writing this at 4AM because I’m alert at this time.  I can honestly say I’m finally starting to be in a place where I can get to work again, or start to do so, after a couple years … Continue reading

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“Hello – again – World”!

Dear readers… No, I have not dropped off the face of this planet or any other one.  The past year and a half I’ve been dealing with major health issues, that are sort of calming down, so last week I … Continue reading

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For Others

Here I am, back again between hospitalizations. In brief, it’s been a rough summer. I’m currently battling a kidney infection and finally feel well enough to do some work. Anyway I’ve been reminded of others’ suffering via my own, so … Continue reading

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Getting Your Head Out of the Cloud(s)

Today, I read a fascinating article in Wired, about social gaming.  Of course nowadays gamers think of MMO’s as THE social gaming experience, with co-operative gaming being a pretty close second.  World of Warcraft, LOTRO, AION, and so on prevail … Continue reading

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Dehumanization in Games: Stop the Mindless Killing!

“Kill Ten Rats” is usually one of the first quests you get in games – in MMO’s, as far as I’ve ever noticed, it’s normally THE first.  However, that kind of a thing is present in regular old RPGs as … Continue reading

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