JA Howe’s universe includes worlds of both fantasy and science fiction, and it is constantly expanding. She loves worldbuilding, you see. She has currently published a lot of stories from the fantasy world of Kritter, which she discovered a decade ago. In Kritter, she began to think about new ways to deal with fantastical fiction, and began to explore beyond the conventional creatures used in that genre, ending up with both creatures and themes normally seen in horror and those from darker fantasy, along with more generic fantasy creatures such as dwarves and elves, and some others that are all her own. Having a love of sociology/anthropology, she likes to delve into this theme in her work and Kritter is no exception. Kritter has become so interesting to others that DNDOG asked her to develop a gaming platform for them based in that world.

That gave this dynamic writer a new idea, to work on developing a game of her own, based on another world, Rubikia, that she has had since childhood. Since JA Howe is fascinated by gaming and loves such games as World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online, this was no large stretch, but she wants to be able to someday change the face of gaming: “DndKritter”, as she jokingly calls it, was only a stepping point to this. Rubikia, being a science fiction world, is a little different, and in some ways more developed than Kritter, so it was perfect for this venture.

In the meantime, JA Howe spends her time writing stories, in both genres, because she sees ways to blend them that others haven’t in the past. In 1997 she began a series that is still in existence at PariahOnline, and is their longest-running of that kind. The “Cherryn Rainbow” series is science fiction and fantasy at the same time, and deals with issues like how much Internet is too much, and how can government be affected by a corporation? But it also explores a fantastical future, which is potentially a little grim, and yet led to a different one in which the symbiosis of humans and bacteria came into question, the end result being a different version of the human race. Fantastical science fiction? Yes. That is what JA Howe is all about.


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