I Swear I’m Alive

Yes, me.  What have I been doing all this time?  Not writing; I’ve been game-testing a lot, actually.  In case you haven’t heard, there’s a very intriguing game in Alpha currently, called “Project Gorgon”.  Game-testing is something I like to do, because I like to be helpful.  I’d definitely suggest this one to anybody interested; yes stuff needs to be roughed out still, but what they have so far is very neat!

…Ok I lied; I’ve done some writing here and there.  Lying in wait for the “Uncanny Magazine” edition of “Disability Destroys Science Fiction”!  I have a tale, and here’s hoping… I also have something up at “fairytalez.com”, a cute little site, and this appeals to the gaes I applied to myself years ago to keep some of my fiction free for the masses.

I read a fascinating post today by Kristen Lamb: http://authorkristenlamb.com/2018/01/book-business/ As any of you who are writers know, the publishing industry has changed drastically over the past twenty-some years.  Who knew we’d actually have to worry about SEO, something I fully admit I’m terrible at?  I’m a writer, not a webminster, Jim.  Buuut, these days it’s important, even for little story writers like myself.

As the publishing industry changed, yes so did I; and no I haven’t given up on game design:  someday, “Four Horsemen” will be finished and published – somewhere – as will other games.  I hope.  Haven’t worked on it in a bit, but I am thanking myself for writing bug reports regarding it, so that I know where I was in there.  Lol, otherwise I’d be a frazzled mess… well that’s likely to happen anyhow.

So.  After illness, I’m at last beginning to heal, and so back to my writing/game design.  I don’t know which will win out in the end, but the short story business hasn’t changed a whole lot – just gotten more technical.  However, a world where I can still get a nice rejection letter about WHY a certain editor didn’t like what I wrote can’t be all bad.

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