Mixing the Old With the New

So, here I am again, back from the depths of illness and life.  Both imploded on me at once, sadly.  But, I have returned!

Recently started working on writing once more.  As you may or may not know, it’s always been my personal policy to submit works both to paying markets and non-paying ones; I don’t intend to drop that.  Currently have now, therefore, two stories out to paying magazines and one to an interesting no-pay one that deals in fairy tales and mythologies. Take a gander if you’re interested:  http://fairytalez.com/user-tales/the-lord-of-all-he-surveyed/

Now, I just need to write more stories… an interesting prospect during the first active lupus and CNS lupus flares I’ve had in a couple decades!  But, well, I figured it out back then, I can do so once more, no doubt.

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