Cleanup, Aisle X

So, here’s the thing.  I’ve been working slowly but surely at “Four Horsemen” for a while now – ok more than just “a while” – and getting closer and closer to the End of it, where it’ll be playable.  I finally got the whole issue with a “do I use a loop here or what” settled – I thought.  Actually got the section where Player picks a direction to not give me an error message.  Woo hoo, right?  Sort of.  Because, I then worked on the next section where there’s a choice, and I thought it needed a little different coding because it’s not noun variables we’re dealing with anymore.  The book I’m going through, Learn Python the Hard Way – which yes you can also find online – seems to point to that.  But, even though I got no direct error message the game went wonky when I stuck the new code in.  For some reason it bypassed the first choices and went straight to the new ones!


So, there we are at the moment, with the worst kind of error:  one that does not directly say “problem on line x…”  I’ve coded one of them correctly – apparently both – and now need to weed through and find out where and how and what to do.

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ooh, messages from aliens!

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