Looping, Looping…

Still there.  I got the end down, which was BIG.  But now, I’ve been cleaning up the rest.  I’ve learned a lot from this game, the most important being that I need to focus on keeping it simple.  I don’t mean boring simple, I mean making sure that it doesn’t bog me down and completely confound me with this and that issue.

There’s a saying about that with regards to game design, actually; that it’s a good thing for a game to be complex but not too complicated.  And, honestly, that makes sense:  Dwarf Fortress is very complex, you can do tons in there between hunting and gem-collecting and fighting off goblin or were attacks.  At its best, LOTRO has that, what with traversing Middle Earth, playing as a chicken – I still love that – exploring, hunting, crafting, and so on.  World of Warcraft has that too (without the chickens).  Zork and MUME definitely do!

So now, thinking of the things I love about each of these games, I can play them and see this is where the devs did this or that thing.  However, there’s that one thing left that I’m still banging my head about, and it’s come down to loops.  Conditional, infinite, if-statement/while-statement…


Someday I’ll get this, like I figured out the ending thing.  Not yet, but someday… this is gonna happen!  I’ve whittled “Four Horsemen” down to where it’s really just that (I think).


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