Two Down… Methinks anyway

Ok I’m going with KLL Games as a name;).  It makes sense to us anyway.

I got end credits coded in, and I think, after almost a week, that I almost have the end now set so Player can choose to try again or quit outright.  Goodness knows that took forever to sort to this point anyways!

It’s two things at least down. The heat kind of did me in today – again – so I’m just leaving it at that and watching Olympic Diving Trials.

…All this leaving the head of KLL in a nice frazzled state.  It’s not my favorite kind of weather, there’s been some bag leakage, and I have a doctor’s app next week I *really* don’t want to go to because I detest the guy, plus some blood pressure issues about which I’m kind of nervous.  So, focusing on work at all has been quite the feat!

However, I *think* I can say the first game is closer to a playable state.  Grr, I should have just figured out how to put in a God mode so I could test it more quickly, but never mind.

…And there we are?


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One Response to Two Down… Methinks anyway

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