The – Beginning of the – End?

So, I’m writing this at 4AM because I’m alert at this time.  I can honestly say I’m finally starting to be in a place where I can get to work again, or start to do so, after a couple years of nada and then some time of flailing attempts at it.  But this is good – lol, you see when I was a kid I used to daydream about becoming a successful writer, fantasize like I think everyone who goes for it does, and after many years yes, I can say I did it.  Well, it took a long while, but about a week ago I started doing so with regards to game design.  And, that’s how I knew I was ready to go at it again!

I finished creating a text adventure a couple years back, before the mess with my intestines, and that’s the one I want to put out there as my first.  In order to spruce it up and get it ready for play, I still need to:

  • code in an ending that’ll allow for people to choose to go back and start again, or just end
  • code in end credits
  • I suppose I also need to figure out a name for my “company”, whether I just want “JAHowe Games”, or what:)
  • figure out how to make a page online people can get to in order to access the game
  • figure out – for the long run, anyway – how to have some of those games pay-to-play (this first one and some others down the line will be wholly free)

It has been a VERY long road to get here.  I’m still hobbling around, still have to have help with a lot of things – man was I excited to be able to make a salad in the kitchen on my birthday some days ago!  I really miss cooking and doing dishes… but I can at last sit up in bed and have some oomph behind me going, “Yeah!  I can do this!  I’m not making Centipede, nor am I Kim Swift, but I can do this too!”


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