Things that Need to be There

I’ve been off for quite a bit and I know it; battling my own internal demons.  Severe depression is, well, severe and hard on a person, and if you add a sizable amount of stress like I’ve been having, it all adds up to some badly disabling stuff.  Today was literally the first in ages when I’ve awoken to actually feel like doing something.  And, it’s led to some remarkable ideas.

Nobody I’ve ever heard of has had disabilities in comp games – oh sure, pirates have peg legs and there are eye patches galore in tales.  Historically, “twisted” or dwarven people used to commonly be used as the kings’ jesters.  But what about a disability actually being used and thought of as an asset?

Wheelchair swordfighting anyone?  Why not?  In LOTRO at the moment there’s fighting on horseback – don’t worry veterans of that horror; I am going to work at it so it’s less cumbersome in a chair – so it’s feasible as far as I’m concerned.  Also, let’s not forget World of Warcraft where you can fight on a flying mount, and its copycats.  And then, people with one eye actually have a ranged weapon advantage; those with two have a tendency to close one orbit to aim.  I myself, having only one working so I don’t need to do so.  Knights may often end up with PTSD, which wasn’t talked about (till now).  Actually, those who’ve read The Lord of the Rings might have noticed that Frodo Baggins shows signs of it by the end, and it’s more blatantly mentioned in the movies.  It’s useful, though, I think; not something to run from, not in Kritter.

These things have been running around in my head tonight; these thoughts.  Once I’ve figured out the mechanics, Players of games from Kritter will for the first time be able to be badass in a wheelchair, and see the scope of possibilities for other things as well, because disabled people really need to see that they’re still able to do things in fantasy.


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