I’m Definitely ‘Learning Python the Hard Way’. And I like it.

The first time I tried learnpythonthehardway, it was three years ago at least, and I skimmed it – well, not skimmed, exactly; I did read the entire site/book.  But it felt too daunting and time-consuming at the time to do the exercises, so no, I didn’t.  Did I learn anything therefore?  Not sure.

This time, however, I am indeed going through the entire site/book AND doing all the exercises.  After at least three years of it I’m considering myself at least sort-of ‘intermediate’ at this language – which is a little different than “I’m intermediate in Italian by now”, i.e. I have a bit of reading comprehension and my vocab is getting better – which in this case means I can write and comprehend small bits of code.  Anyway, I decided to go over the learnpythonthehardway site/book again due to that, but this time taking it more slowly and doing all of the exercises.  I’m on chapter 7 by now, and I believe some of it’s sticking.

I mean, I’m able now to recall some symbols used in the language – like, %r is good for debugging, while other letters are better for variables – and, the other day on the way home from a doctors’ appointment, I passed the time considering some programming/dev issues.  Being able to do that in my head is something I’d never have thought of back when I was going on my first round through the “Hello, World!” book, I can tell you.  But I’m finally seeing it, or beginning to do so.  After so much hard study and interruptions by severe illness/hospitalizations, that’s a damn coup in my book!!

I seem to have learned more than I thought I did from the past couple years:  more Patience with myself.  Oh, in some senses I’ve still got an impetuous nature, that makes me overdo it in PT and so on, but at the same I’d be moaning and groaning – no I actually remember doing that – at the thought of doing a ton of exercises over and over again.  You ever run across that problem?  How did you fix it?

By the by, I’m also still game-testing, which likewise fit into my inner debate of the other day:  lol, my husband was shaking his head when he heard I’d conquered Death, but any gamer knows that’s an important topic.  Implementing save areas seemed like a good idea to me, when I finally realized it (takes awhile sometimes).  Being able to save and start from there if you want to is good, I hear, and since I don’t plan to do MMO’s – no, there will not be some gigantic “Kritter MMO” or anything – it’s an important thing for me to learn about.

I have an idea how to implement these save areas, but I’ll see whether I’m right or not.  I need to finish the site/book for my intermediary level, first!

How did you guys feel when you suddenly knew you weren’t just a green beginner anymore?  (doesn’t have to be just regarding programming)  Did you celebrate?  Did you get impatient and move on farther too fast?  Did you just buckle down?


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