“Hello – again – World”!

Dear readers…

No, I have not dropped off the face of this planet or any other one.  The past year and a half I’ve been dealing with major health issues, that are sort of calming down, so last week I started back to work.  First, I finished – no, honest this time – the storyboard for “Nikria’s Menace” (that took several days last week but was very much worth it).

So, we know what comes next:  programming.  I think it goes without saying I’m a tad rusty even on the amount I did pick up the past few years before that stuff happened.  So, being damn determined to figure this out now that I’m sort of on the mend – just some things to patch up – I’ve started working my way through “Learn Python the Hard Way” (the online version though I’d like to get the actual book sometime).  Now, it’s true that a couple years back I kind of skimmed through the site, (I know, not recommended, and if the author sees this by chance he can certainly noogie me for it because I deserve that), however this time we’re playing for keeps.  I am – scout’s honor – reading the book page by page, and doing the exercises bit by bit, every single fricking one.  Who else has gone through this one?

Oh yes, I’ll be adding game-testing back in to my regimen – suddenly got the “Rocky” theme in my head lol – today, I think, since it’s a weekend.  My husband’s discovered a new game called “Undertale” and I have heard tons about it from him by now.  As of yet, though, I’m unable to sit up for too long so playing it with him is out.  The info he’s told me about it did remind me of a game on Kongregate which I remember really liking, so I think I’ll go there just now.

Anybody else play “Undertale”?  What’s your thoughts on it?

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ooh, messages from aliens!

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