The Name of the Thing

Hello, after a wait; I’ve been sparsely doing work on “Nikria’s Menace” or anything regarding game design, to be honest.  What I have been doing, in addition to some bits of worldbuilding here and there and putting in the storyboard – thought I’d finished that, but apparently not – is naming functions that’ll proc when Player puts in commands.  There’s been a lot of that, actually:  humandiscussion, for instance, is well past number 80 and it looks like there will be much more of that.

Now bear in mind I’m kind of shooting into the dark with this.  It popped up in my mind after beta-testing Starbound so much; whenever you set up a server in there, you get to see the Command Core, and I’ve been paying heed to it, watching what commands and/or functions go that would say what’s where.  I’ve seen it to some extent too when I played World of Warcraft, and watched it a little while that game was and while LOTRO is patching/updating.  So I’ve seen things like what shields load, what environments are going to be present.  All the same, it’s surreal and tentative doing this myself.

The functions also go along with another issue I’ve found that I need to deal with, also regarding Player interactions.  I have found three kinds of these now, which I believe I need to define and classify within the game:  1)Passive Interaction (i.e. there’s an Event going on in this or that room where the player is, but all the Player gets for the moment is a bit of text); 2)Direct Interaction (i.e. Player is talking to NPCs, getting something, or fighting; and 3)Indirect Interaction (i.e. the Player has chosen one thing or the other with regard to how he/she wants to move on, but at this time the game only has a bit of writing to show).  I think that when a complex Direct Interaction is going on, for instance when the Player is in the Ghlaanan market and he/she has a lot of possibilities, there might be a need for a kind of master function (like a main humandiscussion or something).  I’m also wondering if the Passive and Indirect Interactions are happening, they should be defined as such, but still along the lines of a humandiscussion function.  Something like passive_discussion or indirect_discussion maybe.

It reminds me of something I saw from a friend of mine on Facebook the other day: “Naming is easy; REnaming something much less so.”  My husband has said to me that I’m creating a language for the game.  I hope I’m doing it well.

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6 Responses to The Name of the Thing

  1. Erstwhile says:

    This might be the improper place for this query, but I crossed an older post here (last year, July, I believe,) wherein the old web-chat Mylanders was mentioned; I’d post this in a private message but I can’t seem to find one, so I’m forced to do so here – Having frequented the place myself, might I ask what moniker(s) you used then?

    • catchersrule says:

      whew, it’s been years, but let me see if I can remember: I know there was one baby cloud named Nerval who only knew its name and used to love bouncing up and down on people’s heads yelling it (frequently)! Other than that… can’t remember any other names off the top of my OWN head, but I know I had at least one character who was a small bard and she was there a LOT, performing. And I also had someone else who was technically an alien but whose main shtick was she could carry her things around with her in a invisible air pocket – though that might have been the bard. Oh yeah and I had a very clumsy centaur female named something like Kaeladhra, and a human female whose name I don’t recall but who couldn’t speak well since her tongue had been half cut out during a goblin attack on her village or something, I believe she had thirteen knives hidden all around her body, lol. Oh yeah and there was Nat the Urchin from the land of Kritter, who used to hide under the tables and steal bread or whatever food was around (I actually have a whole book about her by now, getting reformatted for Kritter game-life)… those are the main ones I remember.

      • Erstwhile says:

        Hmhmhm, alas, i don’t think I recognize a single one of those names! I wonder if this play was before or after the migration from the old Dragon Inn when its chatroom aspect was shuttered, with which crowd I drifted over for a time. I don’t suppose a tiny fairy dragon sounds especially familiar, by chance?

      • catchersrule says:

        yes, I do believe I remember one of those, but it appeared infrequently from what I recall!

  2. Erstwhile says:

    Heh, yes, I did visit the place sporadically after various youth-related stupidity, to my own detriment. I do wish I could say I recall any of your listed characters, but my memory fails me. I do recall occasionally visiting a similar chat called the Court of Worlds towards the end of my time with Mylanders… Seem to remember that there was something of a split with the populace, and some opted to go to one while others preferred the other…

ooh, messages from aliens!

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