So how does a person from Kritter say “Abracadabra”?

I’ve been working on and off on spells for Kritter.  Just naming them for the moment; I started with the humans’ spells dependant on what class said human had chosen.  I have stuff like the usual healing ones, but then there’s Clurra Knights who have an elemental with them (maybe, not sure about it) but a soul-tie to their Paladin (Paladins and Clurra Knights work as a team, so that if the Paladin dies their powers are transferred over).

You know me, I’m trying to make something different, a little innovative.  I’ve been playing a lot of Dwarf Fortress lately and getting some ideas there for things (lol, though unfortunately the fortress I currently have has ended up with a very Asian twist somehow, complete with a miniature Great Wall and a Dakhma, which is an Indian burial tower – all this stuff is more suited to the Amin Durr end of the Kritter stuff, Amin Durr being the land to the east of Kritter)!  Still, I do have some thoughts…  And I’ve also gotten spell ideas from Kritter tales I’ve already written and published; “Dave Pursues the Gryphon”, for instance, wherein Dave actually travels through paintings, for one, and weather spells for farmer characters.  Because I do have a farmer class you’ll be able to play, as well as wizards, druids, kritter knights (no magic), clurra knights, paladins, merchants, a prince/princess class (they’re very good at illusion, deception, and poisons, because they have to be), and a highwayman class (that also doesn’t do magic).  There’s some class-specific spells, like goblins have one with card decks, and dwarves have the ability to create other dwarves out of stone, and harpies make rubies from menstrual blood (that last one’s from “Harpy”.   So, reading some Kritter tales, you could get an idea of what you’d be seeing in-game:).

As you can probably tell by now, Kritter will be at least a 2d world (I don’t want it a sidescroller, though).   I don’t know how to do that yet so I’m just doing the written stuff for now, which is why I started with spell-naming.  And that’s requiring me to figure out what races I want to be playable.  It’s a nice high-fantasy world, and I’m comfy in it, so the spells aren’t too difficult – figuring out their characteristics will probably be more so.

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