High Fantasy

Well, it’s official:  the storyboard for “Nikria’s Menace” is finished as of a few days ago.  Woo hoo!  My husband the Audiophile:) is currently working at putting it into a spreadsheet format so it’ll be easier for both of us to deal with.

I myself am waiting on an upcoming operation, and dealing with intermittent pain here and there, as well as just tiredness.  So in the meantime I’ve begun setting up “Kritter” for game design.  I know that I want that world to be more like The Elder Scrolls, i.e. various games based on the various stories I’ve written about it.  I’m organizing the scattered notes I’d had from the DNDoG stuff from back when I’d considered doing a platform for them, which actually was to have been within Kritter.  I learned a lot from that experience even though the project fell through, and I have a good deal of stuff to work with therefore!  Since the organization of it all is relatively low key for me, it makes sense to do; the place will be set up for when I have more brain-power and energy to devote to more intense game design.

The irony is that when I do world-building, which is really what this is just now, I generally do work in spreadsheet form if it’s on a computer.  For some reason or other though I didn’t do it for Kritter!  Ah well, I started this last night and realized I still had to do it differently than if I were just writing:  There need to be descriptions for everything under the sun, no matter if I’m doing text or 2D sidescroller, because even if the player is going to be seeing Sir Kline moping in the Inn, I need to know what he/she WILL see.  Descriptions I can do right now.  That’s fine.

Yet again I find myself fascinated by the differences between writing stories and writing games.  As a writer I would just say a Knight’s grumpy, might state his age or something about him hating Urchins, and that’s it – but as a dev I need to show in the spreadsheet what his armor looks like, the color of his eyes and hair, any scars, and every single thing within that room down to mug rings on the tables.  Other things the player will never see would be all the behind-the-scenes stuff about spells and character design, like harpies might get a boost during full moons and so on.

So far I have found a number of different concepts I’ll need to wrangle here:

1)Race – As I’ve said before, I want to include various races than the generic, and I want to give players the option to be other peoples than just Elf, Dwarf, Human, so I’m going to work at the descriptions and characterizations of each very hard to make people interested in trying something new there.

2)Class – This might be one of the more difficult parts for me; I’ve figured out I want classes like Prince/Princess (who are good at poisons and deception/illusion spells), but I also might need to figure out how to roll the numbers for each – or how to do something completely different!


4)Spells – Also difficult, potentially, for the same reason as in Class.

5)Religion – This’ll just be basic part of characterization, I *think*.

6)Currency – Lol, my poor husband who suffered through 24 hours of Albion gave me a death glare when I mentioned I was thinking of having currency have weight, because money in that game does and it therefore impacts the player’s decisions about how much to carry.  Buuuut… I’m dying to someday put in the Knapsack Problem, into some game…

7)Rooms – You might think I had this one down, but I don’t.  On and off, yeah, I’ve been futzing in Minecraft, making models of parts of  Wenterly City or something, so I have a better idea of what it actually does look like.  Drawing, too, helps.  Need something more tangible – I’ll need to calculate distances too in rooms, all that, how long it takes a Piptid to get somewhere as opposed to a Human.

8)Events/Instances – This one I’m leaving to the end of my world-building, because it does bleed into whenever I actually get down to writing the game (s) it/themselves.

I think this will take awhile to figure out, no actually I’m sure of it.  Kritter’s a big, well-developed land with a ton of regions within it.  There’s a lot of change between “Nikria’s Menace” and that.  Not the least of which is that I want Kritter games to be visuals.  Yep, that’ll take awhile!

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