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LOTRO: Looking on the BRIGHT SIDE…

Originally posted on tsuhelm:
Almost weekend, and login issues aside, hope to enjoy with 3 days of LOTRO morning bliss… If it all works out I should have earnt enough TP for Mirkwood expansion and my RK adventures with Tsukuld…

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High Fantasy

Well, it’s official:  the storyboard for “Nikria’s Menace” is finished as of a few days ago.  Woo hoo!  My husband the Audiophile:) is currently working at putting it into a spreadsheet format so it’ll be easier for both of us … Continue reading

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For Others

Here I am, back again between hospitalizations. In brief, it’s been a rough summer. I’m currently battling a kidney infection and finally feel well enough to do some work. Anyway I’ve been reminded of others’ suffering via my own, so … Continue reading

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