Diving Into Depths II: Exploring the World of Journeyman Marketing

(Now THERE’s something I’ve never seen in an MMO…)

Ironic to be writing a blog about changes that are coming to a blog.  At least, I think so.  I’ve been looking into ways to make money, as I work at improving my game design/programming.  And, well, I already have this blog, and it’s become a pretty regular thing, so I thought “ok, time to try and make money from it.”  Which means when you come here in the future, you’ll – hopefully – see an ad or two.  Yep, I’m monetizing this thing.

Honestly, when I think of “blog” I think of “just someplace you write whatever you want.”  Never thought much about the in-depth, backroom stuff that has to go on in order to do this.  Oh, I know that this writing I do here is all in the end a string of 0’s and 1’s.  Imagine, that’s all the Internet is, in its entirety.  I suspect it looks an awful lot like the Matrix when you come down to that level, which to me is both disturbing and fascinating…  But anyway, I never thought much about that stuff, and then I realized today I really should.

I found out today that it’s much more complicated to put ads on a blog than I’d previously thought.  In my low internet-savviness, I figured “ok just click something and it’ll put ads on.”  Nope.  There are steps.

First, I needed to have a registered domain.  Well, ok I do – and then I got confused between the “site name” for my blog and the ACTUAL “domain name” that I have on my webpage (which, honestly, has been sitting pretty uselessly up till now).  My dear husband helped me clarify this.  Ok, so domain name – check.

Said domain name needed to be linked (“mapped” seems to be the absolutely proper term) to the blog, then.  Now, my webpage has almost every single thing on it that this blog does, except well it’s missing the blog.  Ok, mapping – check.

I’ve missed a step or two here, I know, but this is what I remember of the experience.  (I got something to eat in the middle, because well, even programmer/writers eat sometimes!).  But anyway, the point is I went through a lot of wrangling with help from my husband, and now this blog is connected to my website domain, so if you type in jahowe.com you come here automatically.  (Go ahead, try it:)).

The point of all this, of course, is to make money – or try to do so.  Once the two were connected, I signed up for that very feature here on wordpress (there’s a WordAds feature).  I’ve got links to Amazon here, links to wherever I’ve still got writing up (not many places but they exist), links to various other places.  Are there any other links or features you might like to see here?

Eventually I do want to do more with this.  Spring’s a good time for new ventures – think “planting things”.  And, well, I’m getting better and better at the programming side of my work, so yeah it’s time to go a little further.  Someday you’ll see links to places I have games posted, or even somewhere that sells them (as with writing, I still do plan to do both games that are f2p and games that cost money).

For now, though, here’s to a further step on my journey, with new things planted in the Garden!

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