STORY, there Must Be STORY!!

…So says my Brain.  I feel kind of odd because while my husband’s been trying to figure out how to create a “Command Core” (engine) for the game, I’ve been plugging away at putting info into and editing/refining the RoomsListFile.  I had all the info for that file into it, at least the basics.  All the Rooms got described, each has an exit and destination, and I’d gotten down what objects were in each room.  It’s technically writing, though a different kind than any writing I’ve ever done before this.  Closer to world-building, I guess you could say.  But of course I’m “world-building” for a different environment now, one that’s to be more active than just someone reading a story/book.  And, well, ever-present in my mind, whether consciously or not, there’s the above worry: to be sure that the story still comes across.

So, yesterday, I finally started inputting one of the final parts of the RoomsListFile: the section on events/instances.  That’s when the file started to get more complex than just one list – we discovered that in that section at least there’s lists of lists, and sometimes it’ll be more complicated than even that.  There’s the fight scenes which depend greatly on what Player has at that moment and what Player chooses to use – dammit, I REFUSE to ever have a Player use fire or fire spells against fire, in ANY game, so you’ll never see that one, but there is salt, sand, or smothering fire spirits with a rug or something else, in this one.  There’s Death, which we aren’t sure yet whether it is an event all its own or something else.  So, for the moment, it’s stuck in as another kind of event/instance, till we know.  And there is also the STORY stuff.  That’s the read-only parts of the game that Player will see, that are directly part of “Nikria’s Menace” from before it was a game.  Someday when I start on visual games, yeah I’ll be able to “show don’t tell” in ways that, well, regular writers can’t really ever dream of doing in books:)  I won’t have to do a long description of what this NPC looks like, or how vast this forest is and what’s in it.  But for now, I still do, because this is a text game after all.  Later, when I do start on those other – for me even more advanced – types of games, oh yeah I’ll still have STORY there, but It’ll be shown more, like my NPCs will be the actors in a plot.  This is now though, and we have a written tale to put forth.

Yeah, I started the meat of the story yesterday, then, you could say.  Through inputting one section and then discussing what to do, how exactly might be best to format that kind of thing, and then moving on to put in two more sections, it took 2 hours.  And for me those 2 hours were pretty intense, mentally.  Yet it felt like I got almost nothing done; kind of like an LOTRO character in the level 34-38 bracket*G* (I used the wiki page here because something odd went on with their regular page).  I really did feel like that.  It’s a lot, I know (sort of) – my husband’s even made a point to tell me I’m doing things right now that he has no concept how to do.  But it feels like just a small bit.  Yet, the whole time I was talking to him, my Brain kept yelling “THERE MUST BE STORY!  IT’S IMPORTANT!” as if it’s worried I’ll forget that.  I guess it’s possible I might, but not too likely!

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