Diving Into Depth

It’s official as of today:  “Nikria’s Menace” will be a real GAME and not just a story that Player hits enter, enter, enter… to get through.  A tough thing to wrangle with, I’m learning, but I really want to manage it.

Got a title screen finally made a day or so ago, along those lines.  Very happy about that; I remember spending hours trying to figure that one out last year.

So now… as my husband put it, I have down how the Player will read it, now I just need to get into my head how the computer’s going to read it.  I did tiny bits of that with “Four Horsemen”, yeah, where Player can pick up a sword here, a lantern there… and yeah what you had or where you decided to go next impacted the ending.  But those are pretty small things in the grand scheme of GAME, and in the end it’s a zillion “print” commands.

Now I need to get an Inventory for Player.  I need to keep track of Rooms, because some of them have useful stuff in them.  I need to keep track of said useful stuff; whether they’re picked up or not, when they’re used, what happens to them then… I need to keep track of Monsters too, and if they’re killed or if they kill Player.  And lastly, I need to have the story.  My husband suggested I put it in files in a Library, so they appear but the commands to open them are all that are in the actual game code which will now be much more complicated.  Byebye generic loop commands!

This feels really weird to me.  As he said, I’m more used to the writing aspect.  I can kind of see where the computer dimension fits, like a different level of a Dwarf Fortress.  Level 1 = story, Level 2 = Python (computer) stuff, which has its own little sub-levels.  But at the same time it’s hard to process!  I keep thinking I’ll lose the story even though it’s just going to be presented a different way than before.  So it won’t be as visible to me, it seems.

Along those lines, I made today a library in my Python folder for my stuff, called ‘Intro’.  And I’m going back through my Python books in the sections about how you make files and input them into a Python program.  Aaaaand I follow the example in the book…

And I get an error message.

This will take some time.

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ooh, messages from aliens!

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