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if, while, for, &s, my_stuff, and so on

So, my husband and I started last week a very good lecture series from MIT about computer science using Python as the example language.  Still at it this week.  My favorite is still the “Tower of Hanoi” lecture where the … Continue reading

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Diving Into Depth

It’s official as of today:  “Nikria’s Menace” will be a real GAME and not just a story that Player hits enter, enter, enter… to get through.  A tough thing to wrangle with, I’m learning, but I really want to manage … Continue reading

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New Dimensions, New Possibilities

Welcome to a new year here in the Garden:)  And with that new year comes new things, mixed of course with some old ones. The result, once they’ve fully been combined, has yet to be seen, but I’m excited at … Continue reading

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