Short-term Memory, Swiss Cheese, and States of Being (or Gaming)

A very rough month, one full of illness upon illness, eventually has taken a toll on my poor brain.  Central Nervous System is shot to hell, basically.  There were even high fevers – the kind that give a person hallucinations (and wow did I have some doozies).  Days of not being able to eat properly added to that took its toll.  So by now, short-term memory isn’t so great; according to my diary I have a couple health aides coming in daily but I dunno who they are myself, for example.  I’m just excited I remembered this morning that I watched Ratatouille with my husband last night!   You can imagine therefore how difficult it is to do stuff.

I’m having to restrict myself to a couple things in the meantime, therefore.   Writing’s possible, as you can see – editing what I’m writing isn’t, though.  It confuses me:(.  Reading is something I can do only in tiny chunks because of bad focus.  Ok, those are things I can’t do.  However, I can watch TV if I’m really feeling crummy.  I can also craft in-game; yes, it’s mindless activity, but well not to make a finer point of it but I AM mindless at the moment.  I can have my potions maker in Terraria make 300 healing potions.  I can have my metalsmiths or my leatherworkers or whatever in LOTRO do their own crafts.   Or, I can go kill 365 “creature X”.   I could do some mindless building in Dwarf Fortress, even.  I can also do small bits of yoga and meditation.

This is a pretty frustrating time for me.  Unfortunately I started getting sick the day after I started PNANO, and this morning is the best I’ve felt since then, weeks ago.  I would LOVE to be able to say “I’ve gotten ‘Nikria’s Menace’ almost written out!”  But I guess that wasn’t in the cards for me just now.  I’ll try again when my health is much more stable.

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One Response to Short-term Memory, Swiss Cheese, and States of Being (or Gaming)

  1. tsuhelm says:

    Sounds horrible!
    Sickness has turned you into a LOTRO grinding machine…
    But really, all the best and get well soon.

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