I *Am* a Moebius Strip!

I am, today, noting the birthday of Erwin Schroedinger, for two reasons:

The first reason is that my first publication in a magazine (ok it was an online ‘zine, the first I’d ever heard of back then), was in a Zine called “Schrodinger’s Mouse.”  No, really.  It was a little story called “A Choice of Adamant”, for a site that was a no-pay one, and it went with my half-no-pay/half-pay ideal for writing, which I’ve maintained over the years.  (I don’t intend to back off on that with game design either).

Schroedinger is of course best known for his experiment with a cat in a box, but he also studied other kinds of science, like electromagnetics, thermodynamics, and cosmology.  However, other fields he went into bring me to my second reasoning for making note of his date of birth today:  he seems to have been of a philosophical mind – definitely a questioning one!  His cat experiment went way out into realms of theoretical science – you wouldn’t know if the cat in the box died after all, unless you opened the thing.  Kind of like the old question “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s around… does it make noise?” Schroedinger even dabbled in color theory!  All of these things are currently on my own mind; since I’ve studied the Ancient Greeks, I’ve found quite a bit about philosophy and physics, and how they saw the world.  I think Shroedinger would have fit into their time very well.

As for myself, I seem to have come full-circle with things: from that story back in 1997, to 2013 when I’m writing a game that has a lot to do with other stuff related to that name.  Lol, I can’t seem to get away from Schroedinger!

Happy birthday.

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