“Four Horsemen” Debriefing

Well I’m typing this with one wrist/hand broken, so it’ll be brief.  

Final report:

fixed all issues with indents and spacing.  Must remember: all children of a parent have to go in the same tree, or they don’t work!

Need to make engine for PressEnter function, since it’s used CONSTANTLY.

Try doing a bunch of modules for next game instead of top-down.  

Make a chart every time you START a game.

Make a to-do list every time you start a game.

Write a LOT of comment lines.  Redundant?  Maybe.  But not when still learning things. Since I learn most of the time by rote, having the same thing staring me in the face over and over is helpful.

I’ve begun learning about functions, and the how and why they work, though honestly I still don’t fully comprehend them.  Lol an example of the “learning by rote” thing, I think.

Compiling – well, we did it.  I sort of get that one too, but only sort-of.  The idea of “this line makes this line happen and changes it so it’s usable by others” isn’t second-nature just yet.

For the next game, need to:

1)figure out sound

2)put proper ending (one that gives player a choice of “go back to ending” or “quit”)

3)make better title font (or even just the large-letter trick)

4)input puzzles

At the time of this writing, I’m just beginning “Nimka’s Menace” – I am shaking my head at some of my worst writing ever, but I see there were good ideas there which is why I saved it.  Due to broken wrist and screwy weather, as well as the fact that this is three times the size of “Four Horsemen”, it’ll be awhile in the making, but I’m excited.

I finished one already!  I mean, head to toe, gods’ honest playable game!  Woo hoo!

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ooh, messages from aliens!

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