Sound and Fury

The past month I have:

1)begun making model of Kritter in Minecraft (*G* It’s pretty neat to be able to actually SEE my world!)

2)finished the generic script base of “Four Horsemen” game

3)tested Rift f2p

4)started making the “Four Horsemen” game a little more complex (branching endings, iterations based on “player collects item X and then Y will happen”)

4)started trying to figure out how to input sound into said game

The last two are new, and therefore a little more difficult to me.  I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with just writing games wherein the most complex code is <‘print – “(text)”> and <ans = raw_input (“Press enter to continue”).> Since I’d like to make it more interactive than that, I’m trying to go for the next step with branching endings = “Siesta Non Siesta” had branching endings too, but I only got it as far as the program running, I didn’t get all the endings to work properly (since back then I was just concerned with getting something to run).  Now, I want to be sure they all can.  Which isn’t so bad, just time-consuming, I’ve found.

The more complex part of it all is the sound implementation.  That’s driving me nuts, has been for almost a whole month now.  I’ve tried this and that for it, still nothing.  I got it to a point actually where I could get two different options:  either I’d have a blank screen with nothing at all, or I’d have my script with no sound.  So, being out of ideas on my own (ok I had tried looking up stuff online, and in the process likely confounded myself more), I contacted a Python mailing list.

Finally, I was getting somewhere, when I finished work last week – well, at least I was discussing my problem with someone else, several someones in fact, learned a couple things, tried this and that, got a couple new error messages (which as any programmer knows is a good thing).  That was how Friday ended.  Then I had a mediocre to bad weekend, full of just plain blankness and culminating in a nasty event last night that thankfully part of me remembers.  And I woke this morning to check my email and find one that says “oh, you’ve been removed from the mailing list due to stuff bouncing.”  Huh?  (I hate Mondays…)  I did a virus scan to see if anything was weird there, but nope.  Resubmitted to the list, then had it send me stuff in digest form (which I hate reading, but it seemed to be more compatible with the list).  Then I went to the list archives, read a ton of stuff from the thread I had started – and understood only part of the stuff I read, because well I hadn’t been there to ask questions!!  So then I went and resent the last email I’d had in there before the thing went kaput on me.  Grr.  Francois, Jim, and the others, if you’re out there, I didn’t intend to disappear on you!!

Anyway, I apparently have missed an important part of the code I was writing:  like what’s calling the function (yeah, I should have caught that).  For the moment though, I’m going to work on those branching endings and make THEM all work.  (I think).  Python’s supposed to be able to read .mp3 AND .wav files… right?  At least that’s what the program says.  If anyone has an idea for a better list than [Tutor], I’d be happy to try it by the way.

Oh yeah, Rift testing was interesting – I kind of like where they’re going with it. Much better than back at launch of the game, a few years ago, when we first tried it out. It feels smoother, easier to comprehend.  It’s still a bit lacking in the plot/story department for my taste,  but the open world rift events are really neat.  Kind of like Sliders or Quantum Leap = you go here and there in time, it seems.  Crafting is also neat in there (as you know, I’m a big fan of that).  You can actually make stuff to fish with from the fishing craft!  …I was talking with some other LOTRO players recently about it all, and they are interested too (though as someone pointed out, “yeah it’s neat but it’s no LOTRO“).  Now if only the servers wouldn’t clog so much that people can’t get in… Anyone here tried it out? I’m curious to see what people think.

That’s my current issues.  I’m working through them, slowly.

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