Spring Forward Slooooowly…

This game is going pretty well.  I’ve been at it for a couple months now, but unlike the Demons game, I feel all right about it.  The story works and it’s easier for me to do as a game.  (Actually the story is POSSIBLE to do as a game, because as I’ve said before, I need to have a story ready before I start a game design).  I’ve found a couple things more “gamey” that I can put into the original storyline, so that it works.  And they all run correctly.

So then, last month or so, I got it into my head that this would be the game on which I’d learn to install background music.  This should be easier than it sounds, maybe.  But it isn’t, to tell the truth.  I’m frustrated; I can look up “Music in Games Python Programming”, and get several answers.  Several DIFFERENT answers – often very different ones.  (I’ve tried each one of them by now, almost all in fact).  By trying all I can find thus far, I end up with two results:  some of the coding attempts give me a blank black screen with no sound, but other code just gives me the game text with no sound.  Either way, I have no sound.

Compounding the issue is, well, spring.  No, I’m serious.  The weather’s always volatile in springtime, and though I hate summer’s intense heat waves, I utterly detest the rollercoaster of weather brought on by springtime, basically because it makes my brain get off-course:(  The more the weather goes up and down, the more off-course the CNS gets.  And, this year, the weather’s all over the place and I haven’t slept well in two nights.  (Not the first month of it).  Not sleeping well happens to me when the weather does this; I can’t sleep, no matter what I try, but I also can’t stay awake the rest of the time.  I get migraines that make it more difficult to focus.  Both of those things are apparently leftovers from neurological trauma years old; my old neurologist knew about them, so has every rheumatologist I ever knew, and they couldn’t find a thing to do about them.  So, here I am just living with them the best I can.  Spring, though… ugh.  Despite the fact that summer is generally the height of hurricane season, spring’s still nasty on me.

*Deep breath*

I’ve been working at it as best I can, therefore, usually on days that are less messy weather-wise than today.  But, today starts the home stretch of my “20-hr-work-week” goal.  I shouldn’t be trying to push myself while on a rough day after at least one migraine and little sleep, but I figured that at least writing might be easier than attempting to do a ton of coding.  So, here I am.  Last week I took Monday off because it was Memorial Day, but I wanted to get something in.  Oh, I can’t wait till fall; that’s my best season for getting work done.  Meanwhile, it’s blogging and some game testing for me, I think.

What’s your least favorite season?  Does it coincide with your worst season for getting work done?

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