Questions, Questions, So Many Questions…

This week I was to be starting on more of Game 3.  But then my doctor diagnosed me with spinal arthritis/little bit of scoliosis, which is setting off neuropathy in one – actually both – of my feet.  Now, I already have peripheral neuropathy (from lupus) from about six years ago or so.  My right hip’s been off-kilter for years because of it.  Anyway, I was going to be working more directly, but had been screwed up a bit because he raised the dosage of Neurontin, and that was fiddling with cognitive ability for a bit.  Maybe I’ll manage it today, dunno – I’ve needed more fioricet to compensate (3x/daily as opposed to 1x).  In the meantime I’ve done other stuff, though – game tested some of Oblivion and Runes of Magic, yesterday.

This morning I took fioricet and felt clearer, but I had a different idea in my head first-off:  writing down a list of stuff to think of/stuff I want to change around a bit.  A good thing I’ve been writing down “stuff I like” and “stuff I don’t like” analyses of the games I’ve played/tested over the past few years.  (lol otherwise I’d barely remember)

It’s useful though, and I hope it’ll lead to more interesting stuff later on in the games I design.  I did like the system I sort of worked on for the Demons game, I don’t think it would work the way I was attempting it at first there, but it had potential. I mean, I really do like the idea of player not necessarily always just getting points only for positive stuff.  I also have decided to make Kritter (when I do it) an 8-bit side-scroller, because from Terraria I’ve learned just how much you can actually do with one of those).  

But I also have questions about things I’d like to change, like the porting system that’s really popular in RPG’s and MMORPG’s.  I mean, evenElder Scrolls games have something like it, with a player being able to go from one mage area to another. But in MMO’s, who doesn’t think it a little weird that hunters or mages or whomever only learns to port to an area 2-3 levels AFTER they need to be there for questing?  GW2 has changed that somewhat by just allowing everyone to port to any of their “Asura gates”, but I think I can improve upon that idea even further.  I’d like to figure out a different system than “porting” from place to place, for one thing.  (If anyone knows of one I can look at, I’d be happy to hear about it).  Or classes:  why are warlocks and mages almost exactly the same in all games?  They seem to be based on the same principles every time… I dunno if that’s a flaw or what, but I’d like to do something different.  I *love* the idea behind Mesmers (GW2 – I think Elder Scrolls games have them too, or Everquest, can’t recall which), and Engineers (fabulous creation of GW2!), for instance. Or holidays – I get the concept of “not offending people”, but I wonder if non-Christians/Druids/Pagans don’t get offended anyway by there being just (in Western-created games; I know that games like Ether Saga do celebrate Chinese New Year), solstices/equinoxes/valentine’s day to celebrate (although I liked the way the holiday was set up, I really hate the idea of neutral-named Easter in Wow),  Yeah, there’s some stuff to futz with.  Or fighting systems – it’s all reactive, kill, fairly small amounts of strategy or defense in there.  

So, I’ve been writing up a fairly detailed analysis of that kind of thing this morning.  I’m going to see in a bit if I’m clear enough to actually program – Game 3, based on my story “Four Horsemen”, is calling me.


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