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Old School (and New Azeroth?)

Well, this week’s blog was going to be all about how I’ve been looking around for a Wow clone, and found one worth playing:  Allods Online.  If you haven’t yet and want a – sometimes VERY – different game that’s … Continue reading

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Questions, Questions, So Many Questions…

This week I was to be starting on more of Game 3.  But then my doctor diagnosed me with spinal arthritis/little bit of scoliosis, which is setting off neuropathy in one – actually both – of my feet.  Now, I … Continue reading

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working with what I’ve got

I’ve written on and off about illness and disability – it occasionally does show up in my stories.  So yeah, it will likely show up in games – I can pretty well be sure of that.  *G* Dwarves in Zagga … Continue reading

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Three Changing Stereotypes of Writing and Game Design

Gaming and writing, they both have their stereotypes. A lot of the time those do overlap, and these days it comes out a lot in the great big MMO since those have huge audiences and well, that’s what I most … Continue reading

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All This and Then Some

An update to my earlier post about the differences between story writing and game design:  In just the past few months, I’ve learned a lot but discovered there’s even more of a gulf than I’d previously thought, in many areas. … Continue reading

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