In Honor of International Womens’ Day

… a Quick Post:)

A lot of folks on such days might go into stuff about “We can do this better and here’s why” or “Here’s my heroines…”  Absolutely nothing wrong with that.  I bow to folks like Sylvia Plath and Margaret Mead, Marie Curie and Queen Elizabeth I.  Hell, I love Mary Shelley for obvious reasons; *G* I have an ancient copy of “Frankenstein” from my late grandfather which I treasure.

Nope, this post takes nothing from those great ladies.  I, in my own tradition, of course, have instead decided to veer off the usual path.

Did you know the original computer programmer was a woman?  

She didn’t live in the 1960’s, in the age of gigantic computers only used by big companies, or the 1970’s when “Pong” was made at MIT in the basement.  No, Ada Lovelace lived in the EIGHTEEN HUNDREDS.  Yeah, that’s right.  Now how cool is that?  She was even the daughter of Lord Byron, the famous poet.  It was actually he who wanted her to get tutelage in specifically mathematics – and so later, when Babbage, the creator of the “computing machine,” showed the “Princess of Parallellograms” his invention, she was fascinated.

She wrote an article about it that was pretty revolutionary for its time.  Those who wise to talk about predictions should take note here; in this article, Lovelace writes specifically her thoughts that the fabulous machine had possibilities for many things beyond just computing numbers!

So, it’s because of her that today, I am able to write on this blog – today you can connect your phone to the Internet (because the Internet exists).  Today, we can play games on computers, which are now small enough to carry around with us or hang out on at home on the desktop, today we can talk to friends via Skype on computers or Mumble… we can do hundreds of things on computers – as well as plain calculating numbers.  We can send electronic mail on computers, photos, pictures that we’ve downloaded, drawn, scanned, or photocopied…

…and today we can also make even newer programs for them, that someday might likewise change the face of computing forever, as well as the human race.

Thanks, Ms Lovelace!

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