The Hill from Hell

The past couple days, I’ve spent basically figuring out this hill.  The house of the game is sitting on it, so I need to be able to show the hill.  Well, I lived there when I was a kid so yeah, I knew the place – but never sat back and thought about just how complex a hill this is.  Now, I’m having to do that for the game.  It’s a big hill, folks and it goes this way and that way, up and down, and so on.

Man, it really is complex.  I’ve taken a three-part approach to this thing, how to visualize it, because I need to be able to describe it to my husband (because he needs descriptions for parsing it into a playable form):

1) I drew it out on my laptop, rough sketch

2) I’ve gone back to Minecraft and in one creative-mode world, I’m reconstructing the place

3) I looked at the front with Google Maps

It’s actually been somewhat of a struggle; I’m not near done with the Hill. But this is roughly what it is like:

streetside – the hill banks upward on the right side of the house, and then sharply curves down into the yard, forming a fairly steep slope toward a pond.  But if you go leftward from that slope, still inside the yard, it plateaus upward and the house is built on said plateau (which has two levels to it; the bottom level is the larger part of the driveway…)

… And that’s not even half the monstrosity that is that hill. 

I press on.  Though, not much today; I’m coming down with something (achy, some chills, dehydrated feeling, tiny bit nausea, small sore throat & ears, headaches…)

So, I’m taking it easy.  The hill, meanwhile, awaits my return.

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