And, on the Other Side of the Garden…

A small amount of writing is still going on, folks:)  Yes, believe it or not, I’m still a writer after all – it’s just the medium that’s changed somewhat.  After finishing Game 1 and going through maybe 1/3 of my second game ever, I’ve been doing a lot of research and worldbuilding.  Those things both go in the category of writing – lol maybe I should just start calling myself a “creator”.  Though, that seems pretentious; I’m only omnipotent in my own worlds.  I’ve kept tinkering with Helium, with a few ok results (they’ve changed some of their rules, so tech writing over there is more difficult for me), and I’ve also been sloowly putting up more of my stories I never published at AmazonKindle.

Looking back, I’ve realized that the research/worldbuilding stuff is what I was doing for a WHILE last month with Game 1.  And if I think on what I’m researching, I realize just how far I’ve come; most of the research I’m currently doing is for worldbuilding, not programming at all! 

So far, for writing, I have:

– 1 story coming out in an anthology later this year (by Pill Hill Press)

– 1 new story at AmazonKindle

For game design, I have:

– begun research into Chinese medicine, on which the medicine of the land Game 2 is set in is based

– charted out all the worldscape/stuff within it for that land (Medunkna, which is actually north of Zagga where Game 1 took place)

– started working with my husband on getting Game 1 playable (lol)  This one’s just neat; here I thought all he was going to do was parse the thing, and that’d be it, but he is actually futzing around with it, making me think about how I could better write my script and code, so that it’s easier for both parser and player to handle.  On top of all that, he’s found things to do in it that are better than what I had – I just got it to where the thing would run without getting me error messages.  He’s actually getting it to WORK.

Things are beginning to bloom:)

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