New Ideas

In writing the Demons game I’m working at the idea of abuse. Yeah. It’s something that has had an impact on my life, and I thought it might work, if only just for me. I wanted, plain and simple, to design a game that would help me deal with some things left over from long ago. I did I guess get some of the idea for it from “Superbetter”, which after all is a nice and therapeutic game in its own right!

Because I’m dealing with a negative topic, I’m doing something that’s kind of unusual with regards to a points system for it. I actually want to put in points for some negative ideas, to make the player – in this case myself – think about “well, what do I actually think about this? SHOULD this be done?” Yeah. The player gets points in Illness for doing some things that gets them Approval from the abuser. How messed up is that?

Well, that’s the idea.

Believe me, it’s uncomfortable and difficult to write. But at the same time, it’s made me go and take a hard look at things.

From a technical perspective, I have some new concepts to work on this month, with this game:

  1. the idea of repeating tasks

  2. the idea of giving the player rewards

  3. the idea of three different endings, depending on how many points the player ends up with

That’s a fair amount to think about, actually. Maybe someday I’ll go back and make this game a little more general, so that others might be able to play it. I don’t necessarily believe in peace, love, total forgiveness – some things just can’t be, in my opinion. But if I can find a place where Smeagol can actually be redeemed, where he doesn’t just get thrown in the fire, yeah I might feel better.

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