We All Have Demons

So… I finished Game 1 at last this month, and started on the second.  Funny how things work; here I was figuring that it’ll take me less time to do now because of all I learned from the first game design.  Nope, this one instead looks like it’ll be more complex, and yet at the same time, I like it better.

It’s a far cry from most anything I’ve yet seen in gaming design with maybe the exception of https://www.superbetter.com/heroes/162502/activities.  That one’s pretty unique in its own right; it’s meant to be a therapeutic game and I like it myself.  The one I’m currently working on is likewise to be therapeutic, just in a different way.  I dunno if I want to keep it only for my own purposes for dealing with something horrid from my past, or if sometime I want to edit it a bit and let it out there for others to use for their own help.  Not sure.  The title to it says it all, I won’t say much more about that.

Different things I’m trying this month include having the player do some tasks for Attributes/Traits (and yes, this is in a text game), and I’m also going to have various options for the ending.  I did something like the latter idea last month in the dwarf game, but that was more along the lines of “if you go this way, you get eaten by basilisks, but if you go here, you can find all the cybrid parts and win the game.”  This is somewhat different.  Thirdly, because of the nature of the game, I decided to have a “no win or lose” situation; you come to an end of the game depending on what path you choose, but you don’t go killing stuff.  That really isn’t the point.

I guess the best way to sum the point of this up is, I want to find a better ending for Smeagol.  I need to, for a very personal reason.

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2 Responses to We All Have Demons

  1. Terry Karkos says:

    nice…..hey, send me a link to your FB site so I can “like” it…

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