Dwarves and Design

So, after a bit of hiatus I’m baaack.

I spent all of November and some of last month finishing up my study of Python language, and it was something else.  Confusing as hell in many ways, and fascinating in others.

Lol I caught myself several times going “what am I DOING??  Am I NUTS?”

But then it started to click.  And I kept at it.  And kept at it.  I got frustrated, there were literally blood, sweat and tears in that learning process.

And somewhere within the learning of the thing I figured out something else:  I didn’t just want to do this for me, just for the sake of writing games based on stories and worlds of mine.

I wanted to do it for the girls.

So yeah, here I am, working on my first game – it’s taken me, a self-taught beginner, two weeks just to figure out how to program a primitive way to have the player interact with my text game.  It isn’t nice, neat, and specifically the way I want – but it works.  So I’m ok with it.  This is my first game.

You see, I can maybe count the number of well-known female game designers on one hand.  And that would be if I could even remember the names.  Which is kind of sad, I think.  I know girls and women like gaming.  My husband, a very avid gamer, often tells me about the game Centipede, perhaps historically the best-known game designed with girls in mind (yes, a woman was half of the team that made that one).  Today, there’s Portal by Kim Swift.

Ms Swift is actually why I’m writing this post; in my daily process  of doing research by reading through stuff like Gamasutra articles, I found a fantastic interview with her on just this topic, which led me to her blog.  I’d recommend it!  http://www.inthebasecase.com/?p=17

Meanwhile, I’m off on my own journey.  Game #1 is yes, about dwarves.  From Medunkna, one of my worlds.  It’s almost finished, and I’m over the moon about that.  Someday I’d like to be someone little girls can look up to, and say “hey, we can do this too!”


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