Today’s entry is all about preferences.  What you, my husband, my friends, like in a game can differ vastly from what I personally prefer.  In some ways that’s not too relevant — while I don’t want to end up creating a completely self-serving game, I do want one that’s up to first of all my own standards which are relatively high.  And, since I’m coming at it from an author’s point of view, and am writing games based on stories/books of mine, yes it partially is self-serving. 
What do I like in games? 
2)exploring (I like it so much I’m a dedicated corpsewalker, which at times drives my poor husband a little nuts)
3)good soundtrack (I’ve been known to sometimes go into or stay in one region for a bit as long as a certain tune’s playing — personal favorites include the dwarven region track in LOTRO and a very neat one they put in post-Cataclysm in World of Warcraft that tends to play mostly in Feralas; I also love the soundtrack to Morrowind)
4)if it looks good (I don’t mean it has to look all smooth and modern; I actually really like Terraria, which has a retro look to it, more like the style of a Mario Bros game)
5)quests that make sense — few things can drive me batty more than questlines that are poorly written and/or scaled weirdly regarding a character
6)good pvp — or good pve, even!  If I can get both, then the times I feel like fighting, I’m a happy camper.
6)characterization opportunities — the more I’m able to characterize, the better (though I’m pretty good at doing so regardless of the scenario/game, most of the time)
7)endgame — it’s a mystery to me; I got 4 characters to 85 in WoW, and reached a “wtf do I do now??” feeling.  Some have solved it by deleting chars once they reach that level, others raid incessantly, others craft or use the time to do whatever deeds/accomplishments the game has to offer that they haven’t done.  Me, I get frustrated and upset by it; the thing’s over — and to make matters worse, most games have specifics for “you can only do this or that if you’re this or that level” — like farming in Mysts of Pandaria is only open to level 85+  … there has to be a better way??
But, that’s only my own list.  I’ve talked to my husband on and off about this, and some things I can get out of just playing with him and/or knowing him, but others are more of the “I really don’t like this” basis:
1)he likes good music in a soundtrack
2)he hates too much or too obvious grinding
3)he hates doing the same thing over and over again (“kill x of y”)
4)he doesn’t like bad writing in games either
5)he doesn’t like bad voiceover acting in games
6)endgame — on the one hand he gets some of what to do, on the other, he gets frustrated
Or for instance there’s my good friend R:
1)she loves crafting (she’s a Farmville addict:))
2)she likes good pvp
To some extent, yes I know that I do need to factor in things that others are looking for.  I know how to do that with writing; that took me years to figure out though.  Decades, even.  But this is a new can of worms.  I’m going to try and figure out something other than grinding — or at least a way to lessen that — most definitely.  I have what I believe is a new pve style for Rubikia, at least.  (It won’t be an MMO).  But while I’m practicing with text games and small graphics-based ones, I’m going to keep testing out other platforms and seeing what others have done and are doing in their attempts to solve the bigger issues or questions with gaming as it stands.  
What do you love/hate about gaming?  What types of things would you want or not want to see change?
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