new writing styles

I’m discovering that I really do need a very different style of writing for computer games.  Oh yes, I can definitely create one from a story of mine, that’s very obvious to me.  However, that story needs other things within it to be playable than just the storyline itself. 

Been doing a lot of research on the subject the past couple weeks, as I’ve solidified my new pattern for the day (which includes 1)scriptwriting/design, 2)programming studies, 3)game testing – of other games).  Some of this info I’ve seen comes from places like: and There are also a couple message boards I’ve begun to lurk on, like: and  And, then there’s the site that’s become my absolute favorite because it gave the info I was looking for in a clear, concise manner:  Can anyone else suggest some other places to look?

That being said, I’ve for the moment started on something smaller:  the script for a text game based on one of my short stories.  Yes, a text game.  If anyone’s played Zork, they’ve played a text game.  Remember old DOS on computers?  That’s the kind of thing you’d see.  And from what I’m learning, it’s definitely not enough just to have a linear tale:  for instance, this story is about dwarves going to fix a plant that is, they find, infested with basilisks that were chewing on the electric cords.  Ok, not hugely interesting.  So I’ve futzed with it some.  End goal is still to get to the exit in one piece (preferably with one or both of your companions), with the plant fixed.  But, I added drops, and different parts of the plant you need to go through to fix the place up. 

To do that, you need to see:

1)a map of the place

2)general description of the characters

3)what the places are you go into

4)what kind of options are given to a player? (for instance, I have two different ways a person could go:  if they take the wrong person with them to this room or that one, they’re dead)

This, in addition to other things I hadn’t honestly considered before even though I’ve seen games do it a thousand times:  1)title screen, 2)options screen, 3)end credits

It’s a learning curve.  Meanwhile I’m halfway through the Python manual and am having a great time playing something or other and recognizing “oh, the loop counter started at 0 here…”

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