new beginnings

I’m not exactly switching over, more like adapting my writing to something else that goes along with it but is more, well, me.  I’ve known for a long time that I don’t actually like writing, you see.  Oh, sure, I do tons of it – have for years done so.  But if I ask myself, or if anyone really asks me “how do you feel about writing?’ the answer is always “well, it’s just there.  It’s part of me, it’s what I do.” 

Not exactly passion there:(  But you know, I never had a clue what else to do with myself.  If I asked “what do I want to do?” the answer was always, “uhhh… I dunno.”  Yeah, sure, there’s the rat-race ideology, where you get a job, any job, really, no matter what, and work 9-5 and so on.  I did that for awhile, when I was still able to.  It drove me nuts most of the time, and I wrote at that point as an escape from it, (very different from something I wanted to do, more like “I gotta get away for a bit,” and World X was perfect for that). 

I’ve been working on dndkritter for awhile now, for  Got it up to draft 1 being complete, only a little more to go and I can send it in, after 3-4 years of work at it.  And, I also started working again (as some of you know) on making my world Rubikia into a game of my own.  So I’ve been learning Python, and I love it.  Absolutely love it.  And I love designing this game.  I love the uber-intense worldbuilding, the making of my story into a playable format, the learning-to-program it all part… everything.  It’s hard, and I LOVE it.  Will I keep writing stories?  Yeah.  Most likely.  Books?  Maybe 1 or 2, they were never a strong suit.

But game design… ooooh… fabulous!  I love being able to study something and go “ohhh… so that’s what Wow is doing when it’s showing me the crafts my character can do…” “so that’s how Dragon Warrior made that map…” “so that’s what logging into LOTRO looks like in code…” and so on.  It gets me excited.  It’s a brave new/old world for me, but I’m ok with that (more or less).  Going along with this idea, I’ll be at the online convention Coyote Con, which is in its second year, next month:  I’ll be part of the regular writing panels, yes, but on day 1 of the con I’ll be on a panel about writing and gaming, and how they mix (because they really do).  I’m interested to see what happens – nervous, but also interested. C’mon over if you’re interested too, or email  joelysueburkhart@  🙂  She’s in charge.

Meanwhile, I hope you all continue with me on my new fork in the road!

Writers, have your passions and thoughts about writing shifted over the years?  How?  What about you readers?

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3 Responses to new beginnings

  1. Sweet blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News. Do you
    have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!
    Thank you

  2. Thanks for finally writing about >new beginnings | The
    Worldbuilder’s Garden <Loved it!

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