The Dystopian Fantastical Program And You

I’m currently learning Python script, for the purpose of someday making one of my worlds into a possible game.  It’s gotten me thinking about the differences and the similarities between programming and story/book writing.  This, as my mind makes connections between what I’m doing and “Oh, so that’s close to what happens when somebody in Wow tries to dispell an NPC that isn’t attacking with a spell!” etc etc etc.  The connections to fiction writing are more subtle and complex.

You’re still telling a story when you program something.  I’ve realized that; I’ve seen that it’s just done in different ways.  If I’m writing a tale, it’s a 2D thing where I write say, the story of how Cherryn ran from an over-technilogical world, or maybe how the dragons of Kritter came to be.  Then that gets published, and you, the reader, read it, and what do you see?  Well, that’s where it goes into another dimension.  You will see something in your head, and that’ll be a different thing from the guy next door who reads it, because you are different people.  However, if I instead make a script making Cherryn run from this or that NPC, dodging the government officials on her way to taking down a major corrupt industry (that’s the endgame), then I’ve gone and made it 3D.  You the player are forced to see exactly what I want for that story (bwahahaha, I have the power:)).

I think it’s interesting to look back and see what I thought back in the dark ages of my writing career, around when Cherryn was born.  I remember in highschool I swore up and down I’d never go on this Internet thing, it was just a fad, and it wasn’t good for writing.  I preferred trees and paper.  (I still do).  Back then, yes I played the occasional game, I liked fooling around with it.  I remember once taking a pass at making Rubikia into a game back then, but had not a clue what I was doing, and I wondered if I was selling my soul anyway.  So, Cherryn.

Her dystopian world was born out of a fear of mine:  that eventually most people would end up being “programmed” into being online 24-7.  There are brainlinks in her world. And then, all of a sudden, there’s a huge electrical storm that happens to hit on an Internet server — utter disaster ensues, beginning the story.  Fast forward to 2012, and many people are online CONSTANTLY.  Cherryn’s greatest fears have come to pass, almost.

But, in the midst of this dystopian future, I can make a choice.  I can still program my life how I want it to be.  So I’ve taken  a look, and thought about it in a more druidic way:  there’s a very important thing about going with the flow.  I can blend technology and nature into my life, weave as much of either as I want inside, and see what the result is.  How do you program your life?

So, Python.  Now, Cherryn would not have touched that — or would she?  I don’t know.  Personally, I think if she figured out how to weave it to her advantage in actually helping the world, maybe she would, luddite that she is.  I myself am looking at her story in both 2 and 3D at the moment, and it’s a curious thing.

If you thought about what your favorite story ever written looks like, really looks like — what do you get?

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One Response to The Dystopian Fantastical Program And You

  1. Patrick A. Parish says:

    I’ve often thought of DragonBlade becoming a video game…. but mostly after seeing the picture on the big screen. I’m not sure how Nancy feels, but I’m ok with either event coming first as I’m confident of the story line being just that great! 🙂

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