My Name Is JA Howe, And I’m A Draconaholic…

It’s true.  I am absolutely obsessed with dragons.  Out of all the worlds I’ve created thus far, very few of them have no dragons or anything like dragons.  I bawled my head off when Anne McCaffrey died a couple months ago; it got me working again on a fanfic I’d been doing on and off from her Pern books:  I decided I was going to finish it in her honor, because I couldn’t think of another tribute.

Over time, though, I’ve collected a number of other tales related to that scaly beast.  I’ve seen loads of other takes on them, ranging from All-Powerful Godlike Beings of Chinese lore to firebreathing, gold-hoarding bastards like Smaug in “The Hobbit”.  There are dragons in World of Warcraft that can change shape from human to wyrm form, and others in there that are simply for riding.  There are dragons who are just pure evil in various stories and books, and some who are considered wise.  A lot of the time you see dragons presented as knowing every language.  Much of the time, they’re creatures worth smiting and not much else.  Have you seen other kinds?  I bet you have.

My own dragons are varied in kind, like I mentioned.  In the world of Kritter, I like to explore societies and do things that may not be expected, so I’ve tried to examine and show what life might be like for a dragon.  In Rubikia there are dragonlike creatures called “lizarror”, which is basically another variation of the major Rubikian species.  At the time when it starts two of them are ruling the planet.  In the Soul Gardens’ world, dragons are both of the evil and the “ok with people” kind; in fact there are certain specific people who are born with the ability to speak their language… and then, there’s the other random stories I’ve written, not connected to any specific world, that have other kinds of dragons, like for instance “Lay of Lyn” which was at PariahOnline for awhile. 

I know that dragons are one of the sterotypical creatures of fantasy fiction.  I keep trying to figure out ways to reinvent them, sometimes succeeding:)  Personally, I believe that yes, you can still take an old idea and figure out something new from it — because we’re all different people, as many and as diverse as, well, dragons are.  What do you think?

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