Life… death… Life…

I should really check my regular — sic — listing of places to submit; unlike the era of the print zine, ezines are in constant flux.  Doesn’t matter what “standing” they have, or what they’re considered as by organizations such as SFWA, it happens.  It’s Friday, and I felt like doing something.  Tot 2 submitted so far, who knows if I’ll get more today?  *sigh* half the magazines on my older list are gone, so I switched to a slightly better one… Ah well. As I’ve said before, the Internet’s always in flux.  For instance, I used to do a lot of tech writing on (under the name sfdarkly) — the last one was  … and now I’ve got myself settling into WANATribe, a group of writers online who’re very awesome:)  I wouldn’t have dreamed about that years ago.  Nor would I have guessed I’d be blogging much at all, here, on LiveJournal — aywhere.

Flexibility is what we need in the new world of writing.  Maybe the days of the print zine are gone; maybe someday they’ll be resurrected (though at the moment I doubt it, because of the increase in popularity of the “no paper” format for almost everything possible).  Maybe we’ll come up with something new.

I’m among the writers who’ll be around to see it, whatever it is.  Things like this are jarring, yes, but at the same time, well I can’t stop writing.  It’s still very much of a part of me and who I am.  What places are missing from the internet now that you miss?

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