For the Story Writers

I’ve discovered recently that I’m in the Internet Speculative Fiction Database ( Listed as an “author”… ee, I’m an “author”, alongside the great Greg Bear!  as my husband said when he came home, “see, now somebody else — other than me — says so.”

They were looking for authors they have listed to help them put in what publication info those authors have for themselves, if possible.  So I’ve gone and done what I could, and after consulting with them here’s the final product of places I’ve published (yes it’s huge) — and this list doesn’t include all the Pablo Lennis and Mythic Circle stuff… 

If you’re looking for something to read, go here — there are tons and tons of authors listed, plus info where you can find their stuff! 

If you’re an author, you too should check them out;  get that info out there!

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2 Responses to For the Story Writers

  1. Julia says:

    Internet Speculative Fiction Database!?! Only people would invent such a thing. Couldn’t all that creativity come up with a better name? Speculative Fiction sounds like guesswork, or worse, the gynecologist. How about Scifanfiction?

    Checked out your list of publications, and no doubt about it: You ARE a writer. Internet Speculative might be too small an umbrella for you. Best wishes. Thanks for the visit and the isfdb link.

    • catchersrule says:

      🙂 thanks – I was actually kind of surprised to find myself there in the first place. Lol as to the name of it, yes I agree with you, though I guess their thought process was in the “keep it simple…” line of thinking. It would make it kind of confusing for some to do a search for them and have to try and figure out what “A Multiverse of Possibilities” or something like that meant… hmm that’s an interesting title though:) thanks for reading

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