Under the Mangroves

Somebody made a post a few days ago at WANATribe, about whether a person was a plotter or a “pantser” (Yeah, I didn’t know that term either, though if I think on it it makes sense:  “by the seat of your pants, i.e. just writing straight through”).  Me, I do both, depending on the situation.  For stories not connected directly to a world, I don’t normally do a ton of planning, and well if I have a story that is connected, I tend to do the worldbuilding ahead of time so I kind of know the world — sort of.  I tend to save most planning for novels, to tell the truth.

Is that a good thing?  I don’t know, myself.  Should I plan more?  Don’t know that one either.  I never planned out half the Kritter stories, or the Cherryn stuff that I wrote years ago at PariahOnline (www.dotguy.net).  Then again, I spent years worldbuilding in Kritter, and I’ve also worldbuilt around the Cherryn tales, so I guess in the end I kind of post-production-worldbuilt (new term? lol). 

Medunkna, though — that’s one world I’m barely beginning to get a grasp of.  Sooo, yeah, it’s a little hedgy as to how it’s going.  Theres potential for thatworld definitely, but Im struggling with this story. It’s actually the longest of them.  It’s plodding along, even though I did get myself to write for an hour on it.  I’m starting to wonder if anyone’s actually going to want this, but then again I can also think of several writers all quoting one another saying versions of, “most of what you write will be crap, it’s the rest that matters.””  K, fine, yeah I get that. 

What have I gotten out of it thus far?  1)characterization, 2)worldbuilding, 3)didn’t know that dwarves didn’t have flight… they might not ever get it if I can’t figure this out.

Thankfully, I have gotten some thoughts together.  We will see.

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2 Responses to Under the Mangroves

  1. I am definitely a ‘pantser’ when it comes to my blog and I didn’t know that was the term for it either!
    Then again I come from a background of playing roleplay games quite a bit so building a character and a world around them is not something new to me either.
    I haven’t taken the plunge to write anything except what is on my blog as of yet but when I do decided to begin I envisage being a bit of both to try and make it work.
    It is interesting to see how you will work through your various writings and I would love to know a bit more 🙂

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